Sigma-Aldrich resolved in 2009 to realign its business processes in a new global market environment. The reasons:

The Group was generating higher revenues outside the USA than in its own domestic market at that time. The fast-paced growth demanded more regional responsibility as well as clearly defined management processes and responsibilities.

European top management was distributed across a number of locations, which was not conducive to efficient approval coordination and also lengthened decision-making chains. The company thus decided to move the main key positions closer together and create a new headquarters for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA).

Today Sigma-Aldrich employs more than 3,000 people in 22 countries within the EMEA region, generating total revenue of US$ 900 million.

The new EMEA headquarters was opened in Switzerland in April 2011. Sigma-Aldrich has maintained relations with and operated in Eastern Switzerland for many years, with one of its most important production sites located in Buchs, in the Canton of St. Gallen.

The new Sigma-Aldrich office in the Einstein Complex in the town of St. Gallen provides the ideal conditions for further expanding its strong market position within the EMEA region. As St. Gallen is located in the very centre of Europe, it offers excellent transport connections, a renowned higher education system, authorities highly tuned to business matters, and a high standard of living famous even outside Switzerland, all of which enable the company to attract and retain the best talent and maintain Sigma-Aldrich's successful track record.

A lean but efficient headquarters organisation has established all business processes and decided on EMEA issues since the beginning of 2011. Sigma-Aldrich focuses on highly qualified professionals and its principles of plurality and cultural diversification. The staff at the EMEA headquarters is a blend of female and male talent from a variety of countries, besides Switzerland also primarily from the UK and USA, as well as Italy, France, Scandinavia and Germany.

Sigma-Aldrich International GmbH is a subsidiary of Merck