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SAFC in Hamburg is a modern, multi-functional, flexible production facility for reagents for DNA/RNA synthesis. The facility produces a number of complex, customer-specific, laboratory and production scale organic chemical products under an ISO:9000 quality management system. Production is supported by technically well-equipped QC and development laboratories. One of the major strengths of the facility is the purification of its chemical products using preparative chromatography, which is conducted in a highly automated system. The main products, known as phosphoramidites, are used by customers all over the world in the production of DNA or RNA sequences for research and increasingly for diagnostics and as pharmaceutical agents as well. Sigma-Aldrich Biochemie supplies leading international pharmaceutical customers with customer-specific products. The facility sometimes works in three shifts. There are a total of 80 employees at the Hamburg plant.


Sigma-Aldrich Biochemie GmbH
Georg-Heyken-Str. 14
21147 Hamburg

HR Contact:
Mrs. Stefanie Petruz

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