Our Total Rewards Philosophy

Sigma-Aldrich enables science through the good work and innovation achieved by our talented employees around the world. It follows that our continued success is dependent upon the quality of our people – their passion and commitment to service, quality and innovation. To maintain our leadership position we have developed the following compensation principles to ensure we continue to attract, retain and motivate high performers:

  • Pay competitive with the market for talent
  • Pay for performance
  • Maintain relative internal pay equity but differentiate total compensation to reward and retain our exceptional performers
  • Align interests of management with shareholders

Total Compensation

A career with Sigma-Aldrich offers many forms of compensation that extend beyond base salaries.  Depending upon management level and job assignment your direct compensation is delivered in the form of base salary, annual cash bonus or commission, and long-term incentives in the form of Performance Shares.

You also enjoy indirect compensation such as employee benefits, insurance, retirement plans, tax and social security contributions that in total represent a significant percentage of base salary. 

In addition to direct and indirect compensation, rewards are also available in the form of recognition, career growth, experience, professional development and the satisfaction derived from the valuable work we do. The actual amount of total compensation delivered over your career is dependent upon your career growth, time with the Company, the financial performance of the Company, and most important your individual performance and career aspirations.

Sigma-Aldrich International GmbH is a subsidiary of Merck