> Diversity

At Sigma-Aldrich we respect, encourage and value the diversity that exists in our workplace and our surrounding communities. It isn’t just ethnicity or gender or age, but also how each of us contributes to the corporate culture in our own way. We are committed to fostering a workplace that builds employee capability and engagement.

> Work Life

With such a wide range of careers, facilities and locations, describing what the working life is like for everyone would be a challenge – it can be very different, depending on the job. But one thing is for certain, with so many different career options, there is likely something to suit everyone.

> Communication

Communication exists in many forms to ensure that our employees stay connected to the organization and other employees, regardless of where they are located:

  • Our monthly, global newsletter reaches our 9,000 employees. It has stories of best practices, inspiration and community involvement as well as updates on business initiatives and progress.
  • SIAL.TODAY, our worldwide intranet tool, provides employees with interactive and timely videos from our leaders, company news, Q&A forums, employee directory, department listings, dashboards and training

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