Learning & Development

People – Our greatest Asset

Our success is built on the quality and commitment of our people. Our employees are smart, dedicated, creative and absolutely devoted to customer satisfaction. And just as we invest each year in new facilities, computer systems, maintaining our award-winnning website and other investments, we also make significant investments on our people. Sigma-Aldrich seeks to train and motivate its employees to ensure the highest level of service and expertise to its customers.

We take particular pride in our culture and work environment that encourages initiative, innovation and teamwork. As a science-based company we are constantly trying to develop our employee’s knowledge and skills. We not only provide professional development but lateral and promotional moves, cross-functional moves and opportunities to relocate to our many sites and offices across the globe.

As we share the opinion of Peter F. Drucker* stating:

We need to get used to the idea that companies depend much more on their best people than they depend on their employer.

* American management consultant and social ecologist

Talent Management is a business priority at Sigma-Aldrich and is therefore, an on-going business process that is managed, tracked and reported on. Potential is identified early and nurtured to create a pipeline of internal talent to fulfill the Company’s growth requirements.

Key Personal Development Principles at Sigma-Aldrich:

  • People are key to enhancing the growth and performance of the business
  • Development needs to happen at all levels of the organization
  • Development is strategic and built on competencies that drive organisational performance
  • Development plans must be individualised to both leverage strengths and address areas for improvement

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