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buchs kleinThe Sigma-Aldrich Buchs site, situated in the St. Gallen Rheintal, is the largest European production site in the Sigma-Aldrich group and produces over 4000 standardised products as well as customisations to order. Over 2.2 million packages in varying production sizes are produced each year.  In particular priority is given to quality assurance and further product development. In the area of research ca. 900 new products are developed every year with a high emphasis on innovation.

The Buchs site also plays a prime role as a european service provider. European R&D, Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Product Declaration & Compliance are also performed from this site. Sigma-Aldrich Buchs is an interesting employer offering further career opportunities - not only for Chemists.


Sigma-Aldrich Switzerland
Industriestrasse 25
9471 Buchs

HR Contact:
Mr. Reto Salzgeber

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