At the core of Sigma-Aldrich is a common set of principles that our employees draw upon to unleash their talents, delight our customers and thrill our shareholders. These principles are the heart of who we are at Sigma-Aldrich.

> Safety and Quality

We take safety and quality very seriously; our world-renowned reputation depends upon it. Every employee in the company is provided with ongoing, job-specific training to maintain our high standards.

> Process Improvement

Continuous improvement is part of our DNA. Every employee is challenged to find ways to improve quality, increase efficiency and save time and resources. From a small idea to a major system redesign, we are always striving to find a better way.

> Role Model

We work hard. We exceed expectations. Sigma-Aldrich employees serve as role models for each other and the industry as well.

> Common Knowledge

Sigma-Aldrich not only shares best practices and information internally, but we also share our knowledge with scientists and customers around the globe.

> Common Systems

To support sharing knowledge, we take every opportunity to share systems that will leverage our knowledge and size. Using SAP as our integrated enterprise resource system allows different departments and different sites to work together effectively.

> Unconditional Teamwork

Working alone is limiting. Without the expanded insight and many ideas which teamwork provides, Sigma-Aldrich couldn’t be a leader and bring new ideas and products to market.

> Vision

We are customer-centric. From our structure, to our product and service offerings, everything we do is centered on our customers. Scientists have relied on Sigma-Aldrich as a trusted research and development partner for many years.

> Strategic Planning

It’s not an accident that Sigma-Aldrich is one of the most profitable life science companies in the world. There is a strategy behind our approach, and employee objectives are aligned to ensure we are all working toward a common goal.

> One Company

Although we are 3,000 employees in 22 countries across the EMEA Region, we are one company striving toward one goal – accelerating customers’ success through innovation and leadership in life science, high technology and service.

Sigma-Aldrich International GmbH is a subsidiary of Merck